Proxyman is a robust and native macOS application designed for developers to debug web traffic. It simplifies the process of capturing, inspecting, and manipulating HTTP/HTTPS traffic. The app is tailored for Apple Silicon Chips and macOS Sonoma 14, ensuring high performance and compatibility. Proxyman is valued by developers globally for its intuitive interface and comprehensive suite of networking debugging tools.

Feature Highlights:

Native macOS Application: Designed specifically for macOS with a user-friendly interface.
SSL Proxying: Easy inspection of HTTP/HTTPS requests and responses in plain text.
Multiple Filters: Advanced filtering options for precise debugging.
GraphQL Debugging: Simplified debugging for GraphQL requests.
Scripting Tool: Use JavaScript for custom request/response manipulation.
Breakpoint Tool: Modify request/response data on the fly.
Map Local Tool: Mock responses with local files for faster development.

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