Focus is a powerful Mac application designed to help users eliminate distractions and boost productivity. It offers customizable tools to block distracting websites and apps, integrating techniques like the Pomodoro timer for focused work sessions. The app includes scheduling options to plan work periods, and a Lock Mode to maintain discipline. Additionally, Focus provides insightful time tracking to analyze productivity patterns and allows for scripting to create personalized productivity workflows.

Feature Highlights:

Distraction Blocking: Tailor your digital environment by blocking websites and apps.
Focus Timers: Use productivity techniques like Pomodoro to maintain focus.
Scheduling: Plan your work sessions with daily, weekly, and weekend schedules.
Lock Mode: Lock work sessions to avoid interruptions.
Time Tracking: Monitor your productivity with detailed statistics.
Instant Work Mode: Quick setup for different tasks and projects.
Scripting: Customize productivity routines with scripts.

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